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My book is titled “From Sick to Bliss to Conversations with God.” I was directed by the Angels to write it. I was given the title and I was also told how it was going to be published and paid for. I am learning that there is but one teaching of the Universe.


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This book is about you.

It was channeled through me,

but it is ultimately about you,

and it can change your life!

I learned the body can heal itself,

that life is complex yet simple

and there are many spiritual

surprises, once you go within,

some I never thought possible.





About Author

I have been directed by The Angels
to write this book about my two year
journey of my progressive illness that
was unnamable and undiagnosed.
I couldn’t walk, I could hardly talk and
barely think straight. I learned to heal
myself through many different modalities.
Reading this book can change your life!

I learned about our mind, body
and soul- how they are one as we
are one; there is no separation.

I wish you love, light, joy and peace


  “Thank you for visting my website. I am honored that you have chosen to read what I have written. It all comes from my heart to land in yours.  I have set an intention for this webpage to be filled with love and light.  This is what I want you to feel each time you visit my page. I want you to know that this is what we are, we are love.  We are here at this very moment to raise the vibration of this glorious Planet. Thank you for being, You.” 

Say “yes” to the journey…

It is quite a ride.