*The content of this webpage changes constantly. Prices are subject to change and payment is due at time of service.* 

The SOUL WORK that  I do with you now have five options,

“Message for your Journey,”

“Guides Calling,”

“The Abundance Reading,”

“Mayan Galactic Alignment”

“Spiritual Surgery/Birthing

They are all discussed below. 

 These are all done over the internet. There is no physical traveling involved.  You will know if you are being led to me by reading what is written on this page. Your body will react. Tingles, goosebumps, crying, dizziness etc. 

 If you are being directed to me,  please message me on Facebook messenger, you will find me under Angela Mia White

Or you can email me @

and we will set up what you need. 

*I also offer spiritual counseling for individuals or couples. I am a twin flame here to bring in the golden age. Twin Flames have intense relationships. This type of counseling I do also.

I help you get under what you don’t want to see, or admit. I charge $50 an hr. 


1.    *MESSAGE FOR THE JOURNEY* -Reading. -$50 USD

This is channeling through typing it out.  This means I ask Archangel Metatron or your guides what it is that can help you on your journey, OR you may ask me *one* question.  I may receive messages from your guides with what is coming in for you. Whether it be past life issues, cords that need to be cut or I may even get a message that you will be birthing your warrior, Yes, it happens more times than you may think.  I will type out what comes in.  It is usually about a page and send it to you via text or fb messenger or your email. Takes about a half an hour to an hour, as I channel it.  You do not need to be with me physically or on camera. I just need your permission from you and your guides and need you to be open.


If you are being led to this, know you are being called by your guides. They are wanting to talk with you. They have energy for you. This is what your soul has called for at this time. I will be directed to pull your oracle cards from one or more decks. We will discuss them and i will transfer the energy to you. This is to help you on your warrior journey.  This will take approx. an hour to an hour and 1/2. Again over camera somehow.


 This reading will bring you all the oracles that you need for you to bring in your own abundance.  This comes from 3 decks that I was directed to get in late June early July (which also includes life purpose.)  I then started to receive messages of abundance of all kinds. I was getting messages that these decks and the crystals that I used was to bring in abundance to the planet.  I was then led through a shamanic meditation for abundance with the crystals that I was led to get at the same time.


2018 has brought the Mayan Galactic Alignment and Cosmic Conciousness for you. About a week before the first of the year, I was led to order the Mayan Oracles. On New Years Eve, I was led to read this Mayan Oracle book. ( I do not really read any books unless i am directed to) On New Years Day 1/1/18 I was led to read from the Mayan Oracle book on my live video on Facebook. I was to talk about this year being the year of Galactic Alignment and cosmic conciousness. If you are coming to me, this may be the reason why. You will feel it. I will pull the oracles you need and go over them with you.



I am being directed to now combine Birthing with Spiritual Surgery. I do not put a cap on anything, meaning that sometimes you will birth and sometimes you wont. This is evolving this way. Birthing sometimes happens, spiritual surgery is always happening though. So, I am now to combine both of these. Whatever is supposed to happen for you, will.

 YOU MAY BE BEING CALLED FOR BIRTHING/SPIRITUAL SURGERY. By reading this, you will know if this is for you.  You may feel goosebumps, tingles, crying, are all signs of this is knowing.   Spiritual surgery is now occuring in my trances. One day in June or July of 2017 it just started to happen.  John of God was in one of the trances that I was doing.  He was the one that I witnessed performing the surgery.  He started to frequently be in these spiritual surgeries. He is now in them all the time. I had no idea that this was going to happen. I never called him to be there. He just started showing up.  John of God is talked about in my first book.The first time he was in one of these surgeries,  he smiled and winked his eye at me. I saw a sparkle from his teeth. NOT KIDDING.  (This spiritual surgery removes quite a bit of stuck energy called miasma.) Miasma is the spiritual muck or gunk, that you are carrying around in your energy body for lifetimes. I had no idea what was happening. Another Angel, Angela showed me this term out of the ascension glossary one day. She said “I Just want you to know what you are doing to help people.” Thank you Angel Angela. It is real. It is sticky and does not allow you to be free here til it is removed. This is the work to remove it. You also may be carrying around other things in your energy body, such as past lives, others souls, entities and or parasites.  I have seen many things that get released from these surgeries. The guides do alot for you, so you don’t need to go through so much of it physically.) This reading comes with oracles, your NEW ENERGY FIELD.  I will transfer your new energy to you through the oracles that you received, over the internet, fb messenger, skype, or something similar.  Sometimes there are multiple decks which takes approximately an hour to two hours.  I then go into a meditative trance with my team with your soul. I voice record all that I see, feel, hear andexperience. I need your permission for this.  I will send it to you either by message on your phone or by email. *VERY IMPORTANT*  If you do have this, Birthing/Surgery please understand this is like a physical surgery in a spiritual way. IT IS REAL and happening in higher realm of conciousness.  You must take care of yourself for at least 24 hrs after this. Drink lots of light liquids, if you eat, eat light food,  and rest is definitely needed. Length of time it takes depends, but it is at least 2 1/2-3 hrs.for you, more for me. 


My Team consists of Pacha Mama – The Angels, namely, Metatron, Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Ariel, The Faery’s in the Forest,  The Shamanic Medicine People, Kuan Yin, Isis, St. Francis, St. Germain, Jesus, Buddha, All the Ancestors of love and light, all the keepers of the light and more. I will feel their presence, and see them, this is how I know that they are there. This reading also includes pictures via the internet of what they want me to send to you. I also send you a voice recording of the trance  through message or email.  Time frame is usually about 2-3 hrs for you, it is alot longer for me, due to preparation and clearing.  Again, these are distance readings.


This is my method of Payment: or paypal @  If this is a problem, we will figure something else out. 


If you want to read more: 

*You are Love, Abundance and Power*

I am here to show you who you truly are. You are greatness. You are abundant and you are magic. I bring all of this to you when you come to me. I will not let you be small. You no longer will look at life quite the same way after you come to me. So get ready. Things will change in your life.  You called for this. 

My first channeled book from the Angels, is called “From Sick to Bliss to Conversations with God” If was written in 6 months and published 3 months later in July 2014.  This book will help you in this time frame on the Earth. It was written in 2013-2014 for the mass awakening on the Planet. If you are being led to it, you can purchase it on this website.  I am now writing my second book. It is powerful. Let’s just say that. You may want to get it when it comes out. 


YOU ARE A WARRIOR SPIRIT, IN A HUMAN VESSEL, you are realizing it aren’t you? You are realizing that you are a multi-dimensional being, that goes deeper than what you ever thought. 



I have been brought here in this time on the Planet to do this, with you…

 I have done “readings” in the past, but since the middle of 2016 into 2017 I have been helping people spiritually birth into their new selves and more recently, seeing spiritual surgeries happening.  My readings have evolved into SOUL WORK and helping people birth their new selves into the NEW EARTH. YOU ARE HERE TO CREATE THE NEW EARTH.   (I have lost count on how many birthings and surgeries I have been a part of) I help you process your 3d self to your 5d self. From your head to your heart.  These are not ordinary times, so these are not ordinary readings, it is SOUL WORK. 

Make no mistake, your life needs to change. That is why you are HERE NOW. So, get ready. 

This is for recreational purposes. This is not to use in place of doctor’s orders. You must be 18 years of age or I need consent of both parents.



What is birthing?-  Birthing is a spiritual process of going from your 3D Self to your 5D self.  Alot happens when you birth spiritually. So much so, that it is difficult for me to describe this all in human terms. As you read this, please remember that these things are happening in another realm of conciousness to help you do this. It may not make sense logically to you. not much does to me anymore.

I get to see alot in a birthing. Typically we go to the Faery Forest to birth. Yes it is a real place, in a different reality.  Every birthing is different. They are unique for everyone. I will try to explain a bit of what it is:  There are some souls on this Planet that birth continually to bring in the new energies of peace and love here. Some of those souls are being led to me for their guides to help them heal from their past lives, heal from energetic cord atttachments, as well as going from living from their 3d self to their 5d self and beyond. It helps to free you up to live here.  This means living from your head to living from your heart. It is pulling away from mass fear conciousness to living in love conciousness. It is helping you see that it is always a choice and gives you the power and the awareness to make that choice for your own life.  It gives you  the power and the awareness now to see your “triggers” and heal them. We are here to heal our karma and this birthing does this.  You still have work to do, but it does alot of it for you. It is a spiritual process that actually helps you in your physical life. We are spiritual beings having a human experience, so any healing spiritually helps your physical life. Also, in some of these birthings, some have their third eye opened by the guides and some feel this physically as it is being done. Spiritual is physical.  Most leave these birthings feeling refreshed and alot lighter, you may cry alot, feel alot, you may be very tired after or have alot of energy. Alot happens in them. Alot.

How do I know if I am birthing or not? -Usually there is much havoc in your life, you may feel that you cannot get out of your own way, you feel that everything you do is “wrong” and you have that feeling of being “stuck” it is because you are in your own spiritual sludge. If you get in touch with me over facebook messenger, I can show you on my pendulum, if you are birthing, if you are wanting help and if you are needing help. Some do alot of this on their own. Their awareness and conciousness is such that they can do this. I let you know all of this. 

If I am being called for any type of reading, how do I get in touch with you? –   If  you are  being called for a reading or birthing with me, please message me on my facebook page under Angela Mia White.   

How are they done?These are all distant energy work, so I can assist for anyone on the Planet. Energy goes anywhere and everywhere. There is high energy that is involved in these sessions. This is done via texting, facebook messaging, videos, facetime and/or skype whatever is best for you.  

So, if you would like a reading with me and your guides, read on….

 Welcome Home!  WE have been waiting for you!  Are you wanting to heal? This is the time of healing. There is much to write. I will try to keep it as concise as possible. There is a major shift in conciousness on the Planet right now. You are receiving information from your own conciousness, through your own conciousness, by your own conciousness and it is changing you.  You are realizing you must face your own conciousness. 


This is REAL, meaning it is happening in this realm of conciousness so we can AWAKEN to ourselves.


If you want to know a bit of who I am :

* This list changes constantly as I change. This is a little bit of who I am, just so you know the energy that you are being led to.

I live through Archangel Metatron and he lives through me. WE are part of each other. He is of the elite force of Archangels as he tells me, and has come to help us on our healing and transformation journey.  I am an intuitive, I have gone through much in my journey since 2012, and now I am a healing conduit, a self guided shaman and a direct communicator for Archangel Metatron. I love him, his simplicity, his wisdom, his words, and the direct hits he makes to your heart. He is the coolest Angel ever. He knows you, he knows me and his love is unconditional.

 I am an Initiate of Isis, (Mother Mary) as a bringer of the Divine Feminine Goddess in all of its forms. I am now channeling messages from the Divine master Goddess Kuan Yin. The compassion queen. I am now bringing messages to you from Mary Magdalene – she sees you in the closet per se and brings you out of it.  I have been introduced to the Faery Kingdom and all its’ muses. Lots of birthings take place in the Faery Forest. It is hard to call them Faery’s. They are beautiful and powerful hippie nature beings of love. Jesus and Buddha have also been present in my trance readings.  I have had the amazing opportunity to work with the medicine men and women who show up as Native American Shaman beings. Who now they tell me are the Rainbow Warriors.  I love them more than words. They assist your healing in more ways than I can count.  I have been attuned to Reiki I and II and now am a Reiki Master. Mikao Usui, who has brought Reiki to us, has come in at the end of my readings. At times, when I am directed to make you a crystal grid for your reading, (which are not always called for) When reiki is to be part of your session,  I *see him come down a hill and kneel in front of them and bless these crystals, with Reiki energy.  I have had incredible experiences with Mikao while being attuned to Reiki I and II. This is what I experienced, Mikao carved,  then tattooed the healing symbols on my palms.  While being attuned to be Reiki master, with my husband Gary, Mikao told me at the end of the attunement, he will show up as a yellow butterfly. So if you see a yellow butterfly, say hello to Mikao, he is bringing healing with him and nowwww I am now also a conduit for spiritual surgery. This is discussed below.

* not my physical eyes :)

I have also been gifted the 13th Munay Ki Rite – The Rite of the Womb. I am honored to be one of the first 200 women to have this rite gifted to me by one the Peruvian quero shaman at a retreat given by Alberto Villoldo and Marcella Lobos at the Omega institute. I have been gifted this rite, so I may gift it to other women and sometimes men to heal the womb of Mother Earth and their own womb and sacral chakra. This is free of charge. It is a gift. If you would like to donate anything, please gift it to the Peruvian rain forest or the charity of your choice.  If you still wish to gift me any monies, you may do so, but it is not necessary.  Please research the Munay Ki Rites and the Rite of the Womb.  There is a song to listen to called Windsong or Imba Wimbo. If you get tingly, goosebumps, cry, feel a deep connection to, you are being called to receive the rite of the womb, healing rite.

I work with the all the Angels, Ascended Masters, Saints, the Ancestors of Love and Light, The shamanic medicine people, the Faery’s -hippie nature beings, etc. that are all here to assist us all in the “SHIFT” of a lifetime.





Preparing sacred space for you:

I put my heart and soul into every reading I do, as I put my heart and soul into myself.

The following paragraph gives you an idea of how I treat you, the tools and the guides that I work with:

This is highly sacred work to me. I have a sacred room in my home. I prepare my sacred space. I drum, rattle and use chimes and sage or other incense to prepare.  I cleanse, sage and kiss all of my sacred tools before and after they go into your crystal grid, if I am called to make one.  I call in sacred space specifically for you. I set an intention and ask each direction for something specific for you. Things will be unearthed for you. You must be ready for this. A full reading that I do can take anywhere from 2 hours to a few hours. You are more than welcome to meditate as the reading takes place,  but you do not need to.  You can just give me permission to talk the Angels or anyone else that comes in for you, on behalf of you.  Again, this is highly sacred work to me. If I am to send you something, I will send it. If I am to tell you something, I will tell you, I do what they ask me to do for your highest and greatest good for all involved. Every reading comes from the guidance of unconditional love. They love you.  You will feel it. It is palpable.

***NOTE*** – when a question is asked, sometimes we want a direct answer. I will tell you that most times, direct answers don’t come in the way we expect it to. It is astonishing what comes out from these readings. Sometimes it will hit you right where you don’t want to look. They are powerful. They will unearth what needs to be unearthed for your healing and you will be strengthened from it all. You must trust.  Also, things that you may want to address may not come up, what does come up, is what is blocking the issue for you. It is what is behind it all,  that helps start the healing process for you. Stay open to what comes in for you.

Thank you for you love for yourself and our precious Mother Earth to be peace for the Planet. 

Much Love Honor and Respect ABUNDANCE and POWER – AMW and the Guides.



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