Archangel Metatron’s Messages

The veil is coming off. Do you feel it? Do you see it? Are you experiencing things you never thought you would? Are you a rainbow warrior?

You are love.

Archangel Metatron is my guardian Angel. I am a direct communicator with him. I have had many wonderful and unexplainable experiences with him and I receive messages from him every day.  He explains to me that he is of the Elite Force of Archangels. These are my interpretations of what he shows and tells me to communicate to others. I currently have two facebook pages that I use to communicate these messages.

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example of the current message of the day


January 15, 2016

This is a World of information. There’s information everywhere! Information on how to live, information on what to do, information about how and where to work, information about the world news, information about how things work, etc Information! Information! Information!

There is so many books, so many blogs, so many websites, so many seminars, so many podcasts, so many videos, so much social media etc.
Information is everywhere. You could never read all the books, or listen to all the videos, or take in all the information.

It’s not lack of information, that is the problem. It’s what information you take in. What information you keep with you. It is deciphering what information is for you to use.

If you were to use all the information out there you would be a basket case, because everyone says something different.

What are you led to? What moves you? What do you resonate with? What gives you goosebumps when you hear it or see it?

What doesn’t? Move past it.

The land of information is at your fingertips. But only so much is for you.

There will be many trying to get you to fear change. There will be many to try to get you to go against your own heart and soul.

Do not let them. Do not let anyone into your kingdom, unless they come with love and peace for themselves.

This will be very obvious who loves themselves and who does not. Those that do not will be offended by this message. It will grind against their soul, so they will do something about it.

Don’t allow anyone else a place in your mind or heart that does not come with peace and love. They are having a battle within themselves.

Just stand back and watch.

The shows going to start soon.


Brief overview of the shift

It is January 23, 2015

This is what has been happening for the past month.  This may help you if you are going though it too. 

Maybe you will relate?


If you are feeling this “shift” congratulations!  You are being honest with yourself. Do you have an urge to feel free? Not conform? Your consciousness is growing ever higher.


            You are reading this for a reason. This is the time. Follow your heart. Can’t say it enough.


I thought I would explain a little bit about how this “ascension” is affecting me.  I am just giving you some insight as to what has helped me and has not helped me. You can take it or leave it.  The only thing that I am really telling you is that your heart knows it all.  This leads you to your soul.


Getting advice from someone and following someone are totally different.  I am not telling you to follow me, I am offering advice that has helped me. In getting and listening to advice you have a choices to make.  In following someone, you mostly likely do what they do, which leaves you out of the picture.


I am one of the souls that chose to remove the “junk” if you will, out of the collective consciousness to bring it back to Mother Earth.  I am not sure if this is you too. This energy gets processed through me and if it meets resistance, I don’t feel so good.  I am finding that a lot of us are going through this across the World, so I thought I would write about it to help in some way.


So, this is what has happened.  On December 13, 2014 a Lion’s Gate portal opened in the 5th dimension.  (I know it sounds woo woo to some of you, but you may be experiencing some of this yourself in a little while, so hang on, you may need some of this advice.)  I was directed to go through this portal. I was also told to bring those through that feel led to go.  Some did.  I was met under an archway to come through this portal.  Ever since this time, I have been going through tremendous energy shifts.  These shifts include, physical symptoms as well as emotional ones.   I have had a “cough” and have not felt “good” for about a month now.  I would get better, then get worse.  I am still not that great, but it seems to be getting better the more I release this “Junk.”  I have been led to many websites and Youtube videos.  Two of these are Matt Khan and Sri and Kira  I have been given much information on this “shift” that is occurring. As have they.  I have been given the information and then I am led to these websites and videos after that.  They say basically the same thing that I am being told.  I was told that there were going to be other major portals opening through the year.  One of these major portals was on January 18th , 2015.  I remembered yesterday that I was told this, back in December, when the first portal that I was to go through came to me.  I looked up when this date was and it was on the day that I “physically” couldn’t breathe.  I had to drive myself to the hospital.  I tried to explain what was happening to me at the hospital. My kids were there when I got there and they tried to explain it too. Hospitals don’t understand the “shift.”  They had no idea why I couldn’t breathe.  They tried to give me a breathing treatment and the hose to the machine physically popped out of the wall.  I was not needing a breathing treatment. In fact, it made it worse. So that treatment lasted all of about 20 seconds. My kids laughed when it happened and said “well, I guess you weren’t supposed to do that!” The doctors and nurses then decided to give me prednisone to reduce the inflammation.  This finally worked.   Don’t ignore your physical symptoms.  Get help if you need to.  Physically it is acting out on our bodies, so we release the blocks so the energy can pass through us.  There is much happening to remove the “junk” out of the collective consciousness right now.  Do you feel this too?  The higher your consciousness, the more you will feel and see this happening.


This is what has helped and as I explain all of this, it tells you what didn’t help either:


1. Stop doubting – There is something is truly happening on this Planet. I was never taught this. It wasn’t time to learn. It is time now.  This is in fact, HAPPENING. It really is.  There are huge energy shifts that are happening on the Planet.  Look it up.  Do some research on it.  See where you are led to.


2.  Repeat these words: I Allow, I Accept and I Believe.  These words will help your ego self to allow, accept, and believe in healing.  We are all healing.


3.  WE all must go through things in life: This is a process.  I am saying these things today, tomorrow it may be something different that I have evolved to.  So, the best thing to do is FOLLOW YOUR OWN HEART.


4.  Ground and protecting yourself-  This is the most effective way to get through this process is by grounding to Mother Earth. Every day. I had a friend that taught me to ground every hour for two weeks straight. This is gold.  If you are feeling this “shift” which I would think you are if you are reading this, you are grounding this energy to Mother Earth. It is coming from the cosmos to Mother Earth.  You cannot do this if you are floating everywhere out of your body.  I am constantly being told that we are becoming our own tree. We are being integrated.  Our physical with our soul – our ego with our heart.  You are here to stand on your own, without all the vines attached to you. These vines are your experiences and the people around you that may influence your decision making for your life.  Your experiences are here to teach you, about you.  They are not meant to hang onto. There are many videos out there to teach you how to ground and protect your energy.  You can imagine roots coming out of your feet driving deep into Mother Earth. To protect yourself you can ask your Angels to protect you. They will and they do. You can see yourself visually in a beautiful white light. A bubble of protection.  There is more to the process than this, but this is the gist of it.  One woman I have just been led to is Judith Kusel   Sweet woman.  I love her energy of love.


5. Balance- Balance of anything, is key.  Enough said.


6. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF- You are here on this Planet right now to understand and love you.  There are questions that you must ask yourself to get to the core of you.  The answers to these questions are hidden inside of you.  You must be honest about these questions, for you.  Like “What is your life purpose’?  “Why am I really here?”  “Am I doing what I really want to do?” “Do I accept the good that is coming to me?” “Why do I hide from the truth?”  “What is it about me that I need to look at about me to grow”  “What am I fearful of?”  “Why don’t I want to answer these questions?” and WHY???  Keep asking why, why, why, why??  This takes courage, faith, love, grace, mercy and peace for yourself.   As you answer honestly, you start to release the blocks and this raises your vibration and this raises the consciousness of the Planet.  So, thank you.


7. Surrender-  Surrendering is probably the biggest gift you can give yourself.  This surrendering is letting go of the ego. It is helping you to release control.  This in fact, empowers your soul.  To not want anything, is amazing. Allow what is happening to happen.  If these energies are getting stuck in you, you may have some stuff to release and surrendering is allowing you to release it and love your soul.


8.  Reach for a better feeling thought-  I am being taught over and over again that our thoughts become our reality.   As I type this, I am seeing how this is so.   I listen to Abraham channeled from Ester Hicks.  I agree with some of what Abraham says, but there are still things that I don’t understand- hence, as I am evolving.  Basically, Abraham says that you must reach for a better feeling thought all the time to get into the vortex.  I believe You are the “Vortex.”  There is much that Abraham says, but I am not Abraham, I am Angela and I have my own thoughts about things. I don’t follow anyone in particular but me, and I listen to Metatron. I trust him.  He is a protector, his essence is compassionate, loving, funny and his presence has loads of wisdom from Universal consciousness. He is here to usher in the age of “peace.”    Metatron wants me to continue to learn and evolve.  This is why I feel that we all need to follow our own hearts. There is a guide inside each one of us, I am just one of the people that chose to lead you there to find it.


9. Be who you are-   Who cares who you used to be?  Who cares about the reputation that you used to hold? I am constantly thinking “What the hell is everyone that I have known before I got sick, gonna think of me?”  This is ego.   I need to let this thought go.  Most people I know are very compassionate and understanding, but some aren’t.  I need to leave this behind.   Be courageous and be who you truly are.  Your essence is love.  Yes, I see that we need to go through things and that there is duality here, but I also see that it doesn’t have to be as extreme as it is right now.  I can choose love and compassion to learn. I do not have to choose pain and suffering.  I am still learning this. It is a process.  Duality is necessary for us to grow.  There is nothing to fix, and there is everything to fix.   You could be on the scale of both of these.  Sometimes I am on the side that I want to fix everything, then I am on the side of surrendering.  All I know is that love and peace feel better than hate and stress.


10.  Reach out -  Chances are, if you are going through some of this, someone else is too. You are me and I am you.  See what others are doing.  See how they are handling it.  Be open about what you are feeling.  Gary, my husband has the Healer’s rite from the Munay Ki.  He has helped me more in the last two years than in the whole lifetime that I have known him. He has helped me talk about things I really didn’t even know that were there.  Talk about stuff.  This has helped me immensely.


Remember, IT IS ALL A GIFT!  All of your experiences, whether you see it as good or bad.  YOU my friend, are in training.  This is where we have come to experience all of these things for our soul to learn that we are WORTHY!


These things have helped me.  I hope some of it helps you too.  If you need further help, feel free to get in touch with me.


Peace and Love – Angela

6 Responses to Archangel Metatron’s Messages

  • <3 <3 LOVE ALL OF THIS AND YOU!! <3 <3
    My Life just keeps getting Better and Better!!! <3 <3

    My Life just keeps getting Better and Better !!

  • LOVE

  • Hi Angela Mia I was thinking of you today and so much has happened this weekend with my Step Mom’s brother passing and Steve’s brother having a brain bleed and having stage 4 lung and brain cancer, it was just such a tough weekend. I found it comforting however to go to my spiritual journal that I told you about where I take notes. My journal reads Stand still and consider the wondrous works of God:
    Job 37:14 After reading some of my notes in my journal I went outside and to my amazement what is on my front step but a feather!! I remember reading in your book that feathers are a sign of encouragement from the Angels! Did I ever need that today, I’m sending you the picture of it, I am so happy, I put it in a special memory box.
    Love and Joy,

    • Paula, I am so sorry you are facing so much. So much transition is happening. Some joyous, some painful. I love that you are finding comfort with your angels. They are with you always. They are so happy that we are all waking up to them. Thank you for the picture too! I love messages like this!!! There is nothing better than to see with different eyes and feel with a different heart. Wishing you heart felt peace on the journey <3

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